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We're Tom & Tiana

. . . husband and wife storytellers for joyful and romantic couples who will stand the test of time


Lead Filmmaker & Editor


I grew up in a small village in southern

England. I received my first DSLR camera as a gift at age 17, and since then I have been

hooked on filmmaking. A few years later, I graduated from Brighton Film School with a Bachelor's Degree in Filmmaking. I moved to the U.S. when Tiana and I got married in November 2016.


When I'm not behind the camera...

  • I love working on my car. I'm a huge car enthusiast and love anything that involves cars!

  • I'm up in the mountains riding my bike. My favorite way to exercise is cycling. 

  • I am playing with our dogs, Lady and Slinky!


Project Coordinator & 

Second Filmmaker


I was born and raised in the East Wenatchee, but never expected to call it home again. In 2016, I graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management. We moved back to the Wenatchee Valley in March of 2018 where 'Through the Glass Films' was born.


Apart from working...

  • I'm extremely obsessed with all things Disney, Harry Potter, and FRIENDS!

  • I love doing BeachBody (and other) workout videos! My favorite so far is 80 Day Obsession.

  • I love relaxing with our dogs!

We have a PassiOn

TO tell your StOry

in the most genuine way possible.


We believe in creating personalized experiences for 

each and every couple - because your love story is unique.

We want you to feel at ease and taken care of from the moment we say, "hello."


When you're watching your film back 50 years from now, all those authentic 

emotions you felt will come rushing back. The moments you forgot about - how 

your grandparents cried, the look your husband gave you, and the story 

your best friend told of "that one time when" - are now timeless memories.


We're so honored to be a part of one of the most magical days of your life! 

We can't wait to chat with you about all the details!

" Every film tells a story and it takes a

creative eye to see ThrOugh the Glass. " 


- Tom Francis, Filmmaker


Let's be friends!